GST Registration

The GST Registration (Goods and Service Tax) Bill was approved by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. In an effort to replace all state or central government-imposed indirect taxes. As a result, it is now compulsory for entities engaging in the supply of goods and services across states to do GST registration online.

All businesses whose turnover is above Rs.20 lakh, or Rs.10 lakh (for North-Eastern states), are expecting to do GST Certificate as a regular taxable person.GST online registration is also mandatory for NRI taxable individuals, entities engaging in e-commerce, entities supplying goods and services. In other words, individuals who are eligible for TDS (Tax deducted at source).

Above all, entities engaging in the provision of online information or retrieval services or database access, etc. Meanwhile, Most entities and businesses in the country are requiring to complete GST Apply online. 

Even entities that are not mandating to complete GST online registration can do so on a voluntary basis as registration. In other words, they will enable the entity to gain legal recognition as a supplier of goods and/or services. Above all, thereby allowing the entity to levy GST on customers who avail their goods or services. As such, entities that have completing GST Certificate online can be eligible to avail input tax credit.

Documents Required for GST Registration:-

1. Aadhar Card 
2. PAN Card
3. Business Name
4. Passport Size Photo
5. Business Proof ( Rent Agreement or Electricity Bill)
6. E-mail Id and Contact Number
7. Cancel Cheque

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